Interior Wall Powder Coated Aluminium Sheet , Coated Aluminum Sheet Metal

起源の場所: 中国浙江省
ブランド名: WELLYOU
証明: ISO9001:2008
最小注文数量: 5トン/トン
価格: Negotiable
パッケージの詳細: 空の木の箱パレット パッキングに目を囲むために注目して下さい
供給の能力: 1 週あたりの 2000 トン/トン
表面処理: 塗られる 幅: 600-1520mm
等級: 1000のシリーズ 合金またはない: 合金はある
気性: T3 - T8 製品名: アルミ合金の版
色: Ral色 合金: 1100、3003、3004、5052、5082,8011
コーティングのタイプ: PVDFのPE、エポキシ、PU 適用: 装飾、屋根ふき、カーテン
支払条件: T/T、L/Cの西連合 港: 上海かニンポー

powder coated aluminium sheet


coated aluminum sheet metal


Interior Wall Powder Coated Aluminium Sheet , Coated Aluminum Sheet Metal



Product Application

Alucosuper prepainting aluminum coil are made from Alloy mill finish after degreasing, cleansing and passivated layer processing, and currently most advanced and durable coating materials manufactured by KANAR500 and HYLAR5000 seriess of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) resin. The products are finally molded through other secondary operations including cutting, pressing, punching and bending, which can be applied in overall roofs and building coil for wall decoration with a long span and a large area, be used for decorative coil of interior roofs through being cut into small coil, bending and stamping die processing, and be used for energy-saving exterior wall decoration coil bonding with foaming polyurethane or honeycomb aluminum.



0.21-1.5mm normally, could be custom-made


for coil: 600mm  ~ 1800mm, could be custom-made

for sheet: 20mm  ~ 1650mm, could be custom-made

Film thickness: 

single-coated 4-20 micron double coated 25-28 micron 3 coated 35-38 micron

Coating material: 



Colour choose

customer colours are also avliliable

RAL colours can ben availiable

Directly choose colours from alucosuper colour chart





Main Features

1) Being exposed to natural light and detected in Florida, USA, weather-proof quality assurance for over 20 years

2) The products boast characteristics of high strength and corrosion resistance, due to advantages of raw materials

3) Realize multiple colors or single colour, according to clients’ demands for different colors

4) Easy formability by processing, changeable manufacturing spans and areas for cutting, pressing, punching and bending





Widely used in large-scale steel plant, exhibition halls, stadiums, airports, railway stations roofing system and ceiling decorative sheet. Can choose different thickness of aluminum-manganese-magnesium alloy color coated aluminum plate, after cutting, pressing, punching, bending and other subsequent processing molding for larger span, the larger the overall roof, wall decorative building board; also Can be cut into small plates by bending, stamping die processing, etc., for the interior roof decorative panels; also with foam polyurethane, cellular aluminum bonded composite panels for energy-saving building exterior decoration.





Packing & Delivery




as per customer's request


as per customer's request




Packaging Details

The normal package is wooden pallet ,  If export to european countries,the wooden pallet will be fumigated.If container is too tigher,we will pack it according to customers special request.





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